Tuesday, 27/10/2020 | 9:39 UTC+0
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  • Facebook acquires data compression startup Onavo for $100 million

    Onavo, founded 2010, is the developer of the award-winning Onavo mobile utility apps, and the company behind Onavo Insights, the first mobile market intelligence service based on real engagement data. Millions of users around the world use Onavo’s mobile apps to take the worry out of using smartphones and tablets, according to their official web site.

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  • Facebook to offer 70 million more shares to public

    Social networking giant Facebook is planning to offer more shares to public. It will come around 70 million shares including 40 million shares of company CEO Mark Zuckerburg. As a result of the announcement, Shares of Facebook have slipped 1.6% in morning trading. Facebook said Zuckerberg would use the majority of his proceeds to pay

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  • Prize Money for Pine Valley Beijing Open Now US$1 million

    Reignwood Group, the main sponsor of the second edition of the Pine Valley Beijing Open has announced that the prize money for the event that will be staged at Pine Valley Resort & Country Club from May 8-11 will be doubled to US$ 1 million. The announcement of the Reignwood group for the US$ 1 million

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