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  • 2013 MLB Draft: A Look at Each of the Washington Nationals Draft Picks

    After taking a high-ceiling but relatively unknown prospect, Dallas Baptist gunslinger Jake Johansen with their first pick, the Nationals continued to draft for tools out of smaller programs. And so far, while they haven’t taken home any name-brands, they’ve come away with tremendous value and a lot of bargain-basement tools. In pre-draft interviews, Mike Rizzo

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  • 2013 MLB Draft Day 1 Recap: Washington Nationals Find Their Hidden Gem

    Heading into the draft, I mapped out the Washington Nationals’ unique situation for, in my article Washington Nationals MLB Draft Preview: Local Prospects and Hidden Gems. I wrote-up extensive reports on many of the prospects that the Nats had scouted pre-draft, and analyzed the many possible picks they had an opportunity to make. In

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  • Interview with 2013 MLB Draft Prospect Errol Robinson

    St. John’s College High School shortstop, Errol Robinson, has quickly developed into one of the nation’s premier shortstops (background and scouting report). Though he’d always dreamed of earning a baseball scholarship from a top college, and ultimately playing professional baseball, a couple of years ago that prospect still felt like a dream. But now, Robinson

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